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Services and Prices...

Dog Training

I offer training on a one on one basis. Lessons usually start in your own home before moving out to “the real world”. The sessions can be booked in a quite flexible manner to work alongside your schedule and how quickly your dog learns. I am happy, in fact encourage, the whole family to join in. An example of areas of training I specialise in, and that you maybe experiencing problems with, are recall, pulling on the lead, jumping up, stealing food from the counter top etc. Training, if there are NO behavioural issues, is £125.00 for an initial assessment and consultation which includes a training plan and lasts up to 90 minutes and then follow ups are charged £50.00 per hour after that.


Behaviour work includes but is not limited to separation anxiety, generalised anxiety, reactivity, lunging on the lead, aggression, destruction in the home including chewing & digging, prey drive & chasing, barking at visitors and delivery persons, resource guarding of food, toys etc. Inappropriate urination and defecation in the home, excessive barking. An Initial Behavioural Assessment & Consultation is £275.00, which includes a behaviour modification plan and implementation support for 1 month through whatsapp or email. Follow ups may be required and these are £75.00 per hour session after that. If you live outside of Bournemouth there is also an additional £0.45p per mile travel charge.

Behaviour training

Puppy Package

Are you getting a new puppy or have you already got one and are struggling with toilet training, nipping, crying, getting them used to the harness, or having problems with introducing them to resident dogs, cats, little furies. Then I can help. The package includes all of the advice you need to set your new member of the family for success. A Puppy Consultation is £75.00 and includes all the advice you'll need but also a plan for anything you may need to work on. This will include the importance of life skills and socialisation of your young pup.

Doggy Day Care (currently full)

If you wish to enter your dog into doggy day care the cost is £35.00 for an 8hr period. This can include me collecting them from your home in the morning and dropping them off for an additional collection charge and then taking them for a lovely walk, enrichment, scent work, games and play as appropriate, feeding them and then you can collect them at your convenience late any time up until 6.00pm. Multiple dogs from the same household are £30.00 after initial charge of £35.00.


I make your dogs feel at home, relaxed and comfortable. The cost for an overnight stay is £50.00, based on a 24hr period. This includes all of their needs: walks, play time, continuing to positively reinforce training, feeding, grooming, medication administration, all specialist health problems can be catered for. It is important to read my terms and conditions as any last minute cancellations will still be charged - there is a link to these here. I usually require at least 2 weeks notification of change. There is a £50.00 soiling charge.

Residential dog care

Tellington Trust Touch Session

TTouch uses a combination of specific touches, lifts, and movement exercises, helping to release tension and increase body awareness. The intent of the TTouch is to activate the function of the cells and awaken cellular intelligence - a little like “turning on the electric lights of the body.” It also helps establish a deeper connection between humans and animals through increased understanding and more effective communication. An initial session costs £75.00 and following sessions are £40.00. If you live outside of Bournemouth a mileage charge will also apply of 0.45p per mile

The Real Dog Yoga Session

‘It ultimately involves teaching dogs to express and hold specific body postures, expressions and actions that stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system and help them to become or remain calm.’ An initial session costs £75.00 and following sessions are £40.00. If you live outside of Bournemouth a mileage charge will also apply of 0.45p per mile.

A day with Woofs of Bournemouth...

Mabel, a wire haired dachshund, can be nervous around other dogs and came to stay for a week. During her stay we worked on her reactivity with positive reinforcement and socialisation. I also kept her busy with enrichment and stimulation toys and long walks around beautiful Bournemouth and the nearby New Forest. So whether I have a furry friend for a day or a week I will ensure their stay is a busy, happy one.





“Karen can spot what's wrong with a dog, mentally or physically, as if it's telepathic. She has used TTouch to help with anxiety and stomach problems too. She absolutely adores dogs and is absolutely brilliant with them.” Nicky Ruggier